Paint Enhancement/Correction

Make Your Car Shine Like Never Before in Lubbock, TX

You can benefit from our vehicle paint correction services

Is the paint on your car scratched or showing signs of fading? Brink of Perfection understands the weather and hard water conditions in Lubbock Texas all to well and how it can affect your vehicle, boat, RV, etc. We have the experience to take years of damage, swirling, and oxidation off your vehicle. The number one cause of damage to vehicle finishes are tunnel washes. We can correct the damage caused by those type car washes and do it in a timely manner. Our paint correction process is very precise, and we'll make sure we get scratches out of your vehicle correctly. We'll sand down and polish your car for a clean-looking finish.

Get those scratches buffed out. Call us today at 806-759-1385 to ask about our vehicle paint correction services.